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Back to School Habits Bad For Your Home

Aug 28, 2019

The back-to-school season is quickly beginning for many families in San Diego. As you start filling backpacks and lunch boxes, many new routines can lead to some bad habits around the home. With everyone rushing to get ready in the morning and neighborhood kids coming in and out to play, your indoor air quality and plumbing can often suffer.

As you and your children gear up to start the school year off in full-swing, here are three habits you’ll want to break around the home:

Father and son brushing their teeth together

Leaving the Water on While Your Brush

One of the most innocent of water-wasting habits, leaving the water on while you brush can waste a lot more water than many homeowners realize. In fact, by turning off the water while you brush, the EPA estimates that you can save around eight gallons of water a day.

That’s not the only bathroom sink habit that leads to water waste.

For those who shave daily, turning the water off while doing so can save roughly 10 gallons of water a day — combine those two and that’s nearly 5,700 gallons of water a year! Not only does the save water, but it also saves you on your water bill, too!

Taking Long and Hot Showers

While we’re on the topic of water waste, let’s talk about those long, hot showers we all love to take. We know that after a long day of running around or after your kids have completed their after-school activities, a hot shower might be the perfect way to end the day. But with everyone in your house showering daily, every minute counts.

Now is the time to cut down a few minutes each day on your shower and work towards cooler showers; this will save you on your water and electric bills and extend the lifespan of your water heater.

Keeping Your Shoes On in the Home

Now, your plumbing and water aren’t the only things that can start to suffer when back-to-school season hits. Your indoor air quality could also suffer, too. The change of seasons can bring on allergies and allergens into the home, especially for those who don’t take their shoes off.

Think about it: when you are walking around outdoors, any allergens that have fallen from the trees or bushes are on the ground. They then make their way onto your shoes. For those who have carpeting, this will rub off onto the fibers and stay there.

It can be especially true if your children play sports and track their cleats or shoes into the house after. Your best bet is to ask people to please take off their shoes at the door, offer house slippers when available, and vacuum more often. By doing so, you’ll notice lower allergy symptoms and better indoor air quality.

These little tips around the home can ensure you’re doing everything you can for your family and your home.

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