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Air Quality Tips for Pet Owners

Feb 25, 2020

Do you always find yourself sniffing and sneezing when at home? Your indoor air quality could be the cause — especially if you’re living with pets. Although we love them like family, our fur babies’ coats can contribute dust and dander to other airborne contaminants resulting in lower air quality inside your home.

So, to keep your air quality high in your pet-friendly home, consider the tips below:

Groom Your Pooch Often

Let’s start with some pampering! Your four-legged pals can bring in a lot of dirt and debris from the great outdoors. As they roam around your home, these allergens get passed through the air via your HVAC system, lowering your air quality. Frequent baths can help remove common allergens, keep your pet smelling fresh, and help keep your air quality high.

Create a Vacuum List

Pet hair and dander can live in the fibers of your rug and increase your chance for allergy and asthma-related symptoms. Even if your home is wall-to-wall hardwood floors, it’s a good idea to consider a routine vacuuming schedule.

For those whose furry friends have an extra thick or sheddable coat, consider investing in a vacuum with a HEPA filter. Unlike your traditional vacuum cleaner, these have the highest filter settings and will help catch those pesky allergens that can sometimes be left behind with a standard machine.

Ditch the Shoes

Just like your beloved pet, your shoes can come in contact with a lot of dirt and debris — especially if you go for frequent walks. Now, picture yourself walking throughout your home with your shoes still on. Those particles live in your rugs, become airborne throughout your home, and add to a decrease in your air quality. Your best option is to leave the shoes at the door or switch to house shoes or socks. Certainly, if you want to keep this mission going when guests arrive, be sure to have a few extra pairs of slippers or socks for them to swap in to.

Professional Air Quality Services in San Diego

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