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5 Common Pipe Issues You Don’t Want to Ignore

Nov 29, 2018

Fact: Your pipes are like the veins of your home — and without veins, your heart won’t work! However, if you neglect to take care of your plumbing pipes, then the whole system will eventually fail. To ensure the “heart” of your plumbing is constantly beating as it should, then keep an eye out for these five common pipe issues in your home:

1. Dripping Faucets

Yes, that pesky drip might seem like it’s more of a pain to your ears, but it can eventually lead to some extensive damage down the road. Sure, the slight drip can waste more water than you realize — but it can also lead to water damage, or result in something far worse: irreversible damage. So, instead of ignoring that slow drip, it’s important to quickly fix it before a few droplets turn into an ocean of damage.

2. Condensation

If you are noticing more water around your pipes, or fixtures, than you have in the past, then you’ll want to act fast. Believe it or not, increased moisture means that there’s an increased chance for mold and mildew, which eventually becomes a far more serious (and costly) issue. Whether you have to reduce the humidity, insulate your pipes, or find a possible leak, you’ll be happy you discovered the root of the problem before it begins to drip — and cause structural damage down the road – or health issues for you and your family.

3. Running Toilet

No, this isn’t a prank: a running toilet does waste an excessive amount of water and money! If you see your water bill spiking, this type of leak could be the culprit. Sure, it can be easy to ignore (except for the money part), rather than a standard toilet running (especially if it is progressively getting worse) — but the amount of water you’ll waste tuning out the obvious will add up! From a faulty flapper to a broken chain, it could be a simple fix that should be taken care of ASAP.

4. Low Water Pressure

Question: How low does it flow? If the answer is too low, then there might be a leak that needs to be fixed! Although this is potentially one of the reasons, there are several quick fixes that could be leading to your low water pressure, such as a new shower head or a simple aerator screen cleaning. If you are unsure, always give us a call!

5. Clogs

Probably one of the most ignored plumbing issues is also one of the most common: clogs! Sure, you may think that liquid drain cleaner is a good fix or that plunging every day is easier than calling your trusty plumber, a drain cleaning services professional — but if these have become a daily activity, there is a bigger issue at hand. Ignoring clogs can really harm your pipes, cause cracks, and lead to bursts over time. And that’s when you find yourself in an emergency situation that will be very costly. So, the next time you resume your daily dose of plunging, put down the stick and pick up the phone instead.

Don’t ignore your pipe issues! The pros here at Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air are ready and willing to help.

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