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Time To Change A Faucet Cartridge

How to change a faucet cartridge? First thing to remember is if you are uncomfortable with the Repair, call a plumber [1]. Follow these quick and easy steps to solve the problem.

Replacing the Cartridge

Go turn off the water to the leaking faucet. Do not turn it off to the whole house. Look under the sink and look for the water valve. There are different ones. But, if it is sort of round. Turn it clockwise to turn the water off. Or use the lever which might have to be turned in the other direction. Turn the hot and cold both off.

Now, let the water drain out of the faucet and this will release any pressure. Remove the faucet handle by either looking in the middle and looking for a plastic cover or look elsewhere. It is hiding the screw. Then, gently take the handle off. Now, unscrew the faucet body and pull it from the cartridge. The faucet cartridge is secured in place by a nut. Use a wrench to loosen it and twist it out gently. There is a lock ring that will have to be removed.

Go to the hardware store and match up the one that will need to replace this one. Keep all the old screws as they will not be replaced.

Now, it is time to change the faucet cartridge. There is a thing called housing when you set the cartridge into it. Just make sure to line the slots up correctly. It should go in one way.

Remember to place the lock ring over it to secure it and then tighten the faucet body back over the top. Reattach the handle and turn back on the water. Watch for any leaks and you are done.