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Money-Saving Tips for Plumbing & Air Conditioning

San Diego Plumbing and A/C: Save Money with Energy-Smart Choices

Homeowners may procrastinate on the purchase of newer appliances due to cost, but it’s really a great investment in the long-run. Not only will newer, energy-efficient appliances save you money on your San Diego Air Conditioning [1] and water bills, but there are also several incentives and rebates you should be aware of too!

Some energy efficient appliances and home improvement rebates include:

Get Paid to Recycle Your Toilet!

Have an old fridge sucking up electricity in the garage? Did you know SDG&E will pay YOU $35 to come pick it up? Similarly, if you are ready to upgrade to a high-efficiency toilet, call us! Anderson Plumbing, Heating and Air will give you a $100 rebate on the purchase of a new toilet. We’ll even haul away and recycle your old water-guzzler! We call this Cash for Clunkers.

San Diego Plumbing & Air Conditioning Upgrade Incentives

As an Energy Upgrade CaliforniaTM Participating Contractor, our San Diego plumbers [2] can help you discover up to $4500 in upgrade incentives! This is an affordable way to take a whole-house approach that will benefit our precious Mother Earth while saving you money for years to come. As an added bonus, upgrading also results in a safer, healthier home environment. Connect with us [3] to learn more about getting paid to upgrade!