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How To Keep A Healthy Drain

You must always take care of your drains, inside and outside the house. They can get clogged with nasty stuff that breeds germs and that can be dangerous. If you do not clean out your storm drains outside, they can back up and cause flooding around your neighbors. They will not be very happy with you! Or you will flood your own property!

Tips on How to Maintain Your Drain

Do a weekly and monthly drain maintenance [1] and drain cleaning [2]. If you have a lot of people with long hair in the house, then hair is going to be a big factor in checking the drains every single week. Pull them out in the sink, unscrew them, and undo the traps or pipes under the sink. You would be amazed.

How do you get the gunk and the smell from the drains? Easy! Bleach is my friend. If we know bleach kills germs in the toilet, washing our clothes, and used in hospitals, it is common sense to use on drain maintenance.

Use in the kitchen sink a couple times a week. This is pouring it straight a quarter cup is fine and use boiling hot water. Sometimes boiling hot water also helps with any stray grease or food that can soften or melt. Pour half a pot, wait a few minutes for it to work, then the other half to rinse it down the drain.

The same goes for the bathroom. Use just a capful of bleach, not very much as bleach is strong, to kill our germs from blood from shaving and germs from brushing our teeth. It also helps make the bathroom smell more refreshing. The tub and shower use boiling hot water to melt soaps and pull out all the hair. Use bleach a couple times a month to kill any nastiness.

If you have a garbage disposal use orange peels and ice that will knock out any food residue on your blades. Be sure to use small slices as the disposal can jam. This will give a great smell to your kitchen.

One other thing you can do for drain maintenance is an Odor Eliminator from Bi-O-Kleen. This is an enzymatic cleaner to use only once a month. It will clean your drains and smells great.

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