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Heated Floors For Your Home

What is hydronic floor heating? It is a new system to help the floors in the home stay warm. This revolutionary system will save money on the heating bills. When a new home is being built, the heating system is poured into the concrete under the subfloor.

Enjoy Waking Up to Heated Floors

PEX or Polyethylene tubing will be placed under the whole house or just a room to use hydronics to heat the floors with. Concrete or aluminum covers the tubing. This is a great conductor of heat that is radiant. Then, a boiler system [1] is used to create heat. It is sent to the piping, which makes the floors warm in return.

Using hydronics in your home to heat your floors takes out the cold spots and those morning chills in the air. There are no feet being cold walking across the floor or being cold stepping out of the shower. Overall, there is evenness to heating the entire house to a room. Instead of needing carpet to help keep the floors warm, now beautiful tiles can be used much more efficiently.

Hydronics also helps with the airflow. This just means when the air is circulating, it is moving up towards the ceiling. The cold air while being pushed and moved has dust and allergens. This system makes it more healthy and reducing respiratory problems like asthma.

If a home is being remodeled, the hydronics floor heating system can be done. A professional has to come in and help. But, the expense is the boiler system. Once it is bought and paid for, the savings are instant on the heating bill. So, this will help with the investment of the purchase of the boiler and refitting the house.

This is a great heating system to check out. Hydronics is very energy efficient and eco-friendly for the environment.