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Get Your Plumbing Ready For Summer

It is finally getting warmer outside and plumbing must be checked every year. How to get your plumbing ready for Summer? Here are tips for routine maintenance and checkups of drains [1] and pipes.

Drain Maintenance

When the house is built, there is a house drain. This is the pipe that receives the water and all waste that is discharged by waste lines and soil sacks. This drain will connect to the sewer for the house. Then the plumbing will end up going through a wall and the floor where it will be connected to the soil stack.

To maintain clean drains outside the home, there has to be points that are accessible to clean the clog-out or to do simple check-ups. These points should not be more than fifty feet apart. The pipe will be capped and will reach above the pipe. [2] This will provide access to the main plumbing.

All this has to be taken apart and checked. Make sure the water is turned off to the house before starting. Check for any plumbing that has come loose and needs to be tightened. Also, has anything worn out in the plumbing? Check for seals that need to be sealed again. Check for plumbing that has come loose from the Earth shifting.

Another thing to check for to get your plumbing [2] ready for Summer is dripping water and puddles of water. If not sure, set a bowl under the pipe and come back to check. Do not forget to check your sewer. This is crucial. If there is a bad smell and stuff on top of the sewer, it times to call someone. Save thousands of dollars and get a box to flush down your toilet once a month to clean your sewer out as preventive maintenance.