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San Marcos Drain Cleaning Services

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Any homeowner who’s dealt with a clogged drain already knows what a pain it is. Fortunately, Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air provides San Marcos drain cleaning service designed to eliminate even the toughest clogs. Since 1978, we have offered local homeowners exceptional plumbing work, and have the experience to identify drain issues right away and present comprehensive solutions. And with the latest tools and cutting-edge technology on our side, you can always trust Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air to leave your drains better than we found them.

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When to Call Our San Marcos Drain Cleaning Pros

When your drains are flowing smoothly, you probably don’t even think about them. Yet if your drains begin to move slowly over time, you could be dealing with a problem. However, whether your drains are slow or not, you should still watch out for the signs of potential drain issues. Waiting to see if you have a clog can result in nasty backups, that may in turn cause extensive damage to your plumbing system and property at large.

You may want to call our San Marcos drain cleaning team for service if:

  • Your drains are making strange gurgling or bubbling sounds
  • Your drains are inefficient or moving slowly
  • You have noticed nasty smells wafting from your drains
  • Your drains require frequent repairs or maintenance

Are chemical drain cleaners safe for pipes?

Chemical drain cleaners like Drano and Green Gobbler may be useful as short-term solutions to clear up a slow drain; however, these types of drain cleaning products can actually harm your home’s plumbing system over time. In fact, chemical drain cleaners can even melt plastic pipes. Although you may be tempted to use chemical drain cleaners to get rid of clogs, this is not a great idea. Not only are these store-bought solutions usually extremely toxic, but they can also eat away at your pipes, making your plumbing system worse in the long run. Continued use of heavy-duty cleaners may erode your pipes, leading to long-term damage.

Having your drains cleaned professionally by a plumber is a better option because it eliminates the source of the problem and can help your drains stay unclogged for longer - and without damaging your plumbing!

What Our Professional Drain Cleaners Can Do for You

At Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air, we offer drain cleaning in San Marcos to get rid of obstructions deep within your system. Even tree roots do not stand a chance with our industry-leading drain cleaning equipment. We also offer hi-tech camera inspections, in order to identify clogs in your drains before they get out of control. From your toilet to your sink to your bathtub, blockages can indicate larger issues within your plumbing and sewer lines, so if you believe you have a clog on your hands, make sure to call us ASAP.

Our drain cleaning services include:

  • Snaking and hydrojetting
  • Shower/tub drain cleaning
  • Sink drain cleaning

Snaking vs. Hydrojetting

  • Hydro-jetting uses up to 3500 PSI to remove buildup from the inside of your home’s plumbing or sewer lines. Commonly, hydrojetting is used to remove grease or tree roots, making it a powerful way to effectively clean out clogged pipes. Additionally, this type of drain cleaning is strong enough to clear out commercial and residential sewer lines.
  • Snaking, on the other hand, is a tried-and-true drain cleaning method used to get rid of basic clogs. Although snaking is an effective method for unclogging many blockages in sewer lines and pipes, it is also gentle and is unlikely to damage even old, fragile pipes.

What You Get with Our San Marcos Drain Experts

For over 40 years, Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air has been going above and beyond to provide affordable and exceptional services to our customers. We offer upfront and honest pricing, as well as specials and financing options, so everyone can get a good deal when they hire us. We truly care about giving back to our community, and have even received the Better Business Bureau Torch Award for Marketplace Ethics four times. Our team is fully licensed, insured, and certified, and with our 100% satisfaction guarantee, you always know you’re getting the best when you hire our San Marcos drain cleaners. Feel free to call us 7.a.m-7p.m. for service, and remember, we are also available 24/7/365 for emergency appointments!

To find out why customers love our five-star services, dial (866) 374-0402, or contact us online.

Tips & Advice

Tips & Advice From Our Experts

  • Don't Give Plumbing Fixtures a "Hard" Time...
    Water with high mineral content is called "hard water". Two of the minerals we encounter most in beautiful San Diego are calcium and magnesium. These molecules find each other and bind themselves together to create the powdery deposits we see on our fixtures and shower doors. Hardness affects everything it comes in contact with. It wreaks havoc on dishwashers and can drastically shorten the life of your tankless or traditional tank type water heater. Deposits attach to vital components of your plumbing system and adhere to the interior of your pipes, progressively getting worse and worse until it gets so bad it must be addressed. The best solution is an anti-scale device. We always encourage homeowners to do their research, but we recommend a device that sends a very light a.m. frequency (much like an a.m. radio) through the water column and disturbs molecules enough to keep them from binding together and ganging up on your plumbing system. The initial investment may be off-putting, but in the medium, to long run, it can save you tens of thousands of dollars in repairs and replacements, including plumbing fixtures like faucets, washing machines, dishwashers failure, failing pipes and flooding! So, do some research and find out what will best serve you. Our plumbing system experts are always happy to consult with you and help you get on the right path.
    Devin, Plumbing Service & Sales Manager
  • Easy DIY for Better AC & Heating Efficiency
    No need to call a heating and air conditioning repair or installation contractor for this easy task. Simply purchase a new air filter and replace the current one. Your air quality and efficiency will be improved by this simple step. Be sure to check your air filter every 30 days during summer use, and replace it when needed.
    Bryan, HVAC Service & Sales Manager
  • Is PVC and ABS Piping Bad?
    Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) piping were produced experimentally in the 19th century, hit the US in the 1950’s, and is most commonly used in today's sewer systems. While PVC or ABS pipe can last for decades, the thin-walled pipe can be damaged by inadequate bedding/fill or ground settling and heavy root growth. Once a section of plastic pipe is damaged, the other connections may deteriorate over time or roots will damage another section of the line. This type of piping can last a long time if it is a quality pipe and the installation was done properly. Thinner-walled pipe flexes and is more susceptible to premature problems.
    Kyle, Drain Service & Sales Manager
  • What Is a Residential Split System?
    Not to be confused with ductless mini split systems, a residential split system is where you have the furnace or air handler in the house - either in the garage, hallway or attic, and the outdoor air conditioner (also known as the condensing unit ) is outside on the side of the house. It's called a split system because one is inside, another one is outside. Otherwise, there are HVAC package units where the whole system is combined, and it looks like a box that sits on top of the house.
    Bryan, HVAC Service Manager
  • Got Clay Pipes?
    Clay is one of the most ancient piping materials and was the material of choice for a lot of sewers by the 1880s-1900s. Believe it or not, we still see them today here in San Diego. If you have clay piping, we would most likely recommend a complete replacement when failures begin to occur. The most common reasons for sewer line stoppages with clay lines include offsets at connections and breaking or shattered pipe due to tree roots and ground settling. The expected lifespan of clay sewer lines is about 30 years. Typically, clay pipe lasts a long time, but problems will start at the connections due to ground settling or tree roots. Clay is susceptible to breaking when stressed from tree roots. I am sure you can visualize how it can suddenly break, just like a clay flower pot might if you put too much pressure on it!
    Miguel, Sewer Replacement Specialist
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