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15% OFF Hydro-jet of Kitchen Line

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Hydro-jetting uses a pressure washer that uses water pressure, up to 3500 PSI, to clean out buildup and remove debris from the walls of your pipes, including roots and grease. This method of drain clearing is environmentally safe, economical and quick. The process is done through a cleanout, the opening or drain that leads into your plumbing system.

With this offer only $374!

Actual value: $691

Terms and Conditions: Applies to all appointments run during normal business hours 7a - 7p Monday through Sunday (7 days a week). We cannot place our plumbers in hazardous positions. We do not go through roof vents. This is a very effective way to cause roof leaks but an ineffective way of clearing stoppages. Cannot be combined with any other offer. No cash value. EXPIRES 12/31/17

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Kyle, Drains & Repipe Service Manager
Kyle, Drains & Repipe Service Manager
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Training for superior drain cleaning and sewer repair service.
Our team of drain clearing and sewer repair experts lead the pack in knowledge of the new technology that allows us to solve your drainage problems quickly. We provide focused training to certify our plumbers as drain specialists and guarantee our technicians excel at their specialty. This means superior service, efficiency and cost-savings for you.

Customer safety is our foremost concern.
For your safety, all of our specialists are licensed and fingerprinted with the State of California. We conduct extensive background checks, personality profiling and drug testing so you can feel safe when we visit your home. We will email you a picture of the plumbing or HVAC specialist dispatched so you’ll recognize them when they arrive. This email will also contain background information and confirmation of background checks.