What Can and Cannot Go Down The Drain

What Can and Cannot Go Down The Drain


Have you ever thought what can and cannot go down the sink drain? Well there are good things that are allowed and there are bad things. The pipes are all connected throughout the house. So, if things get trapped and go through the pipes, they get stuck and trapped. This, of course, makes a clogged drain line. Here is some advice on what you can and cannot do.

Good Sink Disposal Etiquette

Food and grease should never go down the drain of the kitchen sink. It is not a garbage disposal. So, use a strainer or trap to catch everything when washing the dishes. Occasionally use boiling hot water to flush the drains to help prevent clogs.

You can dump coffee without the grounds, milk, tea, anything you drink that is solid-liquid in a kitchen sink. In the bathroom use only toilet paper to flush down the toilet. Nothing else should ever go down the toilet. Some places you live, you will have to throw the toilet paper in the trash to help the sewer lines because it has to do with the way the land is.

In the shower, clean the hair out of the drain every time your hair is washed or shave. The same goes if you wash your hair in the sink or shave. Take out the drains and clean out the trapped hair to help prevent clogging. Shampoo and soaps are fine as they are liquid. Just use some boiling water to help melt a build up of soap. If bar soap is used, those little pieces need to be removed from the drain or will clog them up.

Just use common sense when deciding what can and cannot go down the sink drain. If you are not careful you can have a sewer problem or clogged drain line. That is a headache and a loss of money.


Yes, as long as no water has

Yes, as long as no water has run down the pipe during or afterwards. If it went down the drain with water, most likely it is gone. If not, there is a very good chance we can retrieve it. We hope you've been able to recover your ring! If not, please give us a call 866.362.8019 or you can schedule an appointment right on our home page andersonpha.com. We're open 24/7.

My husband shaves his massive

My husband shaves his massive beard in the bathroom sink every so often it ALWAYS gets clogged after and he seems to think that the beard hair is just supposed to go down the drain. Can you please clarify on this topic a but more?

Hi Brittany, apologies for

Hi Brittany, apologies for the delay. We did not see your comment initially and hope there has not been any undue marital stress since! :) Here's the low down from our Plumbing Service & Sales Manager Devin: "Lol… well… when I shave my beard and it is long, I lay a few paper towels down inside the sink to catch 99% of it. Honestly we'd love it if you let your husband do what he wants, it keeps us in business ;)… but seriously, it probably won't pass the p-trap. A product that is a 'bacteriological enzyme' (found at the hardware store) can aid in breaking down/consuming organic material like hair. Using the enzyme is a slow process though, and will not accommodate a whole beard instantly. I'd recommend the paper towel method, I swear by it."

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