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Trade in Your Old Water Guzzler for a Sleek, High-Efficiency Model!

If you have one of those old, water-guzzling clunker toilets?Let us install your new high-efficiency, water-saving toilet, and you’ll get $100 off and save thousands of gallons of our precious water.

Includes toilet seat, new angle stop, braided stainless steel supply line, beauty ring, sanitary seal, new wax ring, new brass closet bolts. Plus, we’ll haul away and recycle your old toilet.

Water Efficient Toilets

Toilets may be a humorous topic in general, but the waste of millions gallons of drinking water is no laughing matter. According to the EPA, an estimated 4.8 billion gallons are flushed down the toilet every day.

$100 Toilet Rebate

The toilet rebate program offers clients a $100 rebate on the purchase of any new water efficient low-flow toilet. The program also includes the removal and recycling of the old toilet at no charge.

Herman, Repipe Technician
Herman, Repipe Technician
Nobody wows clients like we do!

Meet Our Specialists

Repipe & Pipelining know-how.

Repipe & pipelining technology is evolving quickly, so we have a specialized team of Repipe Specialists to attend to homeowners' needs. Specialization allows our technicians to excel in particluar knowledge and skills, providing superior service, efficiency and cost-savings for our customers. Our investment in providing our technicians with the latest systems and equipment means you get state-of-the-industry solutions.

Customer safety is our foremost concern.

For your safety, all of our specialists are licensed and fingerprinted with the State of California. We conduct extensive background checks, personality profiling and drug testing so you can feel safe when we visit your home. We will email you a picture of the plumbing or HVAC specialist dispatched so you’ll recognize them when they arrive. This email will also contain background information and confirmation of background checks.