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Save on San Diego Furnace Costs with Nest Learning Thermostats

San Diego heating and air conditioning for your home can be costly – especially with the rising San Diego energy costs. Avoid costly repairs due to irregular operation and enjoy lower heating and cooling bills with Nest learning thermostats.

Programmable Thermostats

Most homeowners are familiar with programmable thermostats which allow the user to program in temperatures based on the time of day – so for example, you might allow your home to get a bit warmer during the day in summer while you are at work, but let the air conditioner kick on to keep it cooler during the evening and morning hours while you are home. These programmable thermostats are great, but take a little more work, as you need to continually reprogram them throughout the course of the year based on the climate and your needs. Take the extra work out of it by teaching your thermostat exactly how to run your San Diego heater [1] and air conditioner, so you can essentially set-it-and-forget-it.

Nest learning thermostats offer a way for your home to become smarter and automatically work around your needs and preferences to accommodate you and make your life more comfortable and convenient.

How the Nest Thermostat Saves on San Diego Heating and AC Costs

This innovative little device works smarter, not harder. To begin, you fill out a heating and cooling matchmaking profile of sorts – just a few easy questions about your preferences and habits. Nest takes the information into account to build a base schedule for its programming. From there, you can easily adjust your home’s temperature by a simple dial – similar to how you might control the water for your bathtub faucet. That’s right – no buttons or complicated screens; just beautiful simplicity.

But what really sets the Nest programmable thermostat apart from other programmable thermostats is its ability to learn. Rather than building the base program and leaving it to you to make adjustments as needed, the Nest makes note of your changes and incorporates them into the ongoing program so that you don’t need to reprogram and continually make the same change.

The Auto-Away feature keeps your home running at peak efficiency while you’re away, further increasing your energy efficiency and utility bill savings. In fact, by not using a programmable thermostat, your utility bills are automatically about 20 percent more expensive!

Nest truly is easy, most convenient, and smartest way to keep your home’s temperature perfect for your comfort. Contact us [2] to learn more about this smart technology.