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San Diego Plumbing Company Pays YOU to Upgrade and Save

San Diego Plumber Offers Cash for Clunkers

Anderson Plumbing, Heating and Air was the first to earn San Diego Green Plumber [1] Certification. With the green plumber title comes a responsibility to educate homeowners about conservation, but we go a step further and incentivize San Diegans to save water. A whopping 30% of all indoor water use is attributed to toilets. Along with decreasing water supply and increasing water costs, this means that upgrading the toilets in your home should be given serious consideration. Making an upgrade to a high-efficiency toilet a priority can make an immediate dent in your utility bills. While you’re at it, why not get $100 toward your upgraded toilet and have someone get that old clunker off your hands for free! Visit our Cash for Clunkers Page [2] for more detail.

High-Efficiency Toilets Save Money…In Style

Reward yourself for doing good. High-efficiency toilets [1] aren’t just great for the environment and your pocketbook, they are stylish and provide ultimate functionality. Let us introduce you to a few:

Kohler® Highline Classic Comfort Height, Two-Piece Elongated Toilet

Combined with the Kohler® Washlet Elongated Toilet Seat with Bidet [3]Functionality, this thing is the epitome of restroom comfort and sophistication! Check out this video to find out more about its functionality, then contact us to upgrade.

Kohler One Piece ToiletsAdair™ Toilets by Kohler This bathroom beauty combines striking organic lines with a slim tank, delivering form and function in a one-piece design. One-piece toilets offer a seamless, easy to clean design. This one also has a comfort height option, for easier sitting/standing. The optimized canister flush has more rinsing power for a cleaner bowl and can save 16,500 gallons of water per year (compared to 3.5 gallons per flush toilet), without sacrificing performance. Connect with your San Diego plumber to see if you can take advantage of Cash for Clunkers…challenge yourself to upgrade before your next SDG&E billing cycle.