A San Diego Green Plumber Explains French Drains

San Diego French Drains


San Diego Drains - Should You Consider French Drains?

San Diego drain repair experts suggest the key to great landscaping is good drainage. If you have drainage issues around your home, the perfect solution may be French drains. These are underground systems that use perforated pipes that are set in gravel to collect water below the surface and channel it away from your home. *Note we are providing this information as an FYI and do not actually install french drains. We do area drains which are a bit different, and we are happy to consult on the best solution for your landscape. 

French Drains: The Construction

It involves digging a trench, then laying in landscape fabric. This lets water pass through, but keeps dirt and roots out. A 3” pipe with holes is then covered in a filter fabric or a drain pipe sock to keep silt from entering the drain holes. The pipe is placed in the trench, on top of the landscaping fabric with the side that has the holes on the bottom, that way the holes are less likely to clog.

The pipe is now covered with gravel. 2 tips for this step are to pin the sides of your landscaping fabric back so they don't slide into the trench when you pour the gravel and also to use prewashed gravel so you’re not introducing new silt to the trench. Gravel is poured to match the level of the surrounding surface soil. After the gravel has been leveled out, the landscaping fabric is released and folded over the top of the gravel-filled trench. It can be covered with good soil, grass mulch or even decorative rocks.

Call A Drain Repair Expert or DIY?

Besides preventing puddling in your beautiful landscaping, French drains can also be used to direct water away from your home’s foundation or retaining walls. The cost of DIY is not so much for materials, but it is a hefty amount of work, so you may want to consider calling in the professionals. We have provided this blog as a service to our San Diego community, as we do not do french drains. We can install area drains which people often confuse with french drains. We'll post about the difference soon. In the meantime, contact us and we can advise on the best approach for your property. 


Planning on putting one in

Planning on putting one in front yard by side walk water always puddles there thanks for the info love looking at this stuff

I would like to see a picture

I would like to see a picture of those because I have a problem water getting to my basement from outside the house and i would like to incorporate those drains than you

We install area drains, but

We install area drains, but not french drains. However they are popular, so we included this information on our site for those that may have questions. Hopefully the graphic at the top of this blog is helpful to you. If not feel free to contact us with any questions. It could even be that an area drain or other drainage solution is what you are in need of...

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