San Diego Furnace & Heater Controls: icomfort Wi-Fi™ Touschscreen

Lennox icomfort Wi-Fi Thermostat


THE coolest way to control your San Diego heater and air conditioner temperature! The Lennox icomfort Wi-Fi™ thermostat control is one of the best things to happen to home comfort systems. It’s a WiFi enabled, touchscreen thermostat for your home heating and A/C systems.

Your San Diego Furnace & Heater at its BEST

Check out the amazing features of the iComfort Wi-Fi™ Thermostat:

  • Cloud connectivity gives you remote access to your heating system and lets you adjust temperature and control energy costs from anywhere, using your smartphone, tablet or laptop.
  • A One-Touch Away Mode overrides your regular heating schedule when you're away and automatically turns down heating or cooling to save energy.
  • With Weather-on-Demand, you get a five-day forecast to let you know what to expect.
  • The icomfort Wi-Fi™ will monitor itself with advanced diagnostics; it can also send you and Anderson Plumbing, Heating and Air alerts and reminders if the system needs service or maintenance.
  • It’s customizable! You can choose a skin (your choice of artwork, a family photo or a color that blends in with your decor or the screensaver on your thermostat) to cover and protect your thermostat.
  • Automatic updates will connect you to new features as they become available.
  • Programming is easy with a simple touchscreen interface, intuitive graphics, and bright backlighting.


icomfort Wi-Fi™ Furnace & Heater Wifi Thermostat: Ultimate Comfort & Convenience

The icomfort Wi-Fi™ Furnace, Heater and Air Conditioner thermostat offers a programming fan option that gives you the choice of continuous or intermittent air. You’ll have automatic control of whole-house humidity systems, based on program set-points, which enhances the comfort and quality of your air. When installed with a premium Lennox system, performance is optimized even further and Precise Comfort Plus holds a temperature to within 0.5 degrees or less when paired with a Lennox modulating furnace.

Right now, you can get an icomfort Wi-Fi™ touchscreen thermostat for FREE when you purchase a qualifying Lennox system. Even sweeter, you can get up to $1,375 in rebates with that system. View the coupon for more details.

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