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There are some communities that the water supply is not safe for people as it could be. The water that is for drinking is full of contaminants and levels of chemicals that are unsafe. For example, lead, chlorine and fluorine. Of course, there is a way that you can find out if the water from your faucet is safe in your home. Here is how:

How to Obtain Drinking Water Reports and Statistics

1. There are some cities that will issue a Drinking Water Quality Report that comes out once a year. It will usually be with the bill for your water. This will include information about what your current drinking water contains as well as other information about the water that everyone drinks.

2. Another way to get this information is to go obtain it from your library, Water Company, or the Environment Agency's website.

3. When you go to the website, go to the tab marked “water” then “drink water”. Of course, you will be able to call your Water Company if there are contaminants that are found and ask them about it. It is always a good thing to know where the water was treated. The plant that the water comes from will all depend on the place that you live at.

4. You can also build your own safety water test by getting a home testing kit. It is best that the water is tested right when it comes out of the faucet. Also, when it has been flowing for a period of time. The water samples can be submitted to labs for analysis. This is because it can be difficult for the results to be decided by you.

5. Of course, if the quality of your water is not satisfactory, then look for a water purification system to install or a simple water filter.

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