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Jeff Sets Honeywell Thermostat with iphone

Sep 10, 2014

The Jeff and Jer Showgram on KyXy 96.5 FM (6 -10am Monday thru Friday)

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Jeff Detrow: I got a couple of things here for this segment on the Showgram. First one is just a little discussion about how flipping cool I am.

Jerry Cesak: Why are you so cool?

Jeff Detrow: So check it out you guys. I brought this in for show and tell. Anderson Plumbing Heating and Air is one of our sponsors. I had them out of the house this week to install air. It had been enough of the heat, enough of the summers, there was no air conditioning. There was only heat in the house.

Jerry Cesak: Right.

Jeff Detrow: As many San Diego homes have. And they put in a new Lennox air conditioner. And now, we’ve got A/C, right?

Jerry Cesak: Right.

Jeff Detrow: Would you like to know what the temperature is in my house right now?

Jerry Cesak: Oh, I’d like to know, but my gosh, how would we ever figure that out?

Jeff Detrow: Well Jerry, I happen to have it. My new thermostat, it’s a Honeywell. It reports to your iPhone on what the temperature is in your house, and you can turn your house up and down from your iPhone no matter where you are in the world.

Jerry Cesak: Wow!

Jeff Detrow: Right now, my house, it’s set at 75.

Jerry Cesak: Look at that.

Jeff Detrow: And there it is right there, 75. I might go up to 76, click.

Female: Oh, my gosh. That’s blowing my mind right now.

Jerry Cesak: That is so cool.

Female: Wow!

Jeff Detrow: And it works great.

Jerry Cesak: Wow!

Jeff Detrow: So thanks to Marcus and everybody over there, Brian and everybody at Anderson Plumbing Heating and Air.

Jerry Cesak: Wow. That’s pretty. You are cool.

Jeff Detrow: So now, to add to my coolness I thought, “Well now, let me check and see if there is a Wi-Fi version of a front door lock.” Now, wouldn’t that be cool if a guy says, “Hey, I’m coming over to deliver that. How do I get into your house?” And instead of having to give him the code to your garage door which you then have to change, you could just go beep, beep, beep, beep, okay, it’s open.

Jerry Cesak: Yeah, that would be really cool.

Jeff Detrow: So Schlage, is that how you say Schlage, and Kwikset make a thing, but I looked at it in Amazon. Whenever you buy something, you really need to look at those Amazon reviews.

Jerry Cesak: Yeah, you do.

Jeff Detrow: Because from everything I got on there, yes, they do make it, but at this point if I installed it, I would come home and my garage door would be going up and down, and my lights and all will be blinking. So I’m not going for that for the front door, but I am still cool, huh, with this right here.

Jerry Cesak: Oh, really cool.

Jeff Detrow: Seventy-five degrees in the house.

Jerry Cesak: Seventy-five baby and you can change it any time you want to.

Jeff Detrow: And I might do it right now.

Jerry Cesak: You’re cool.

Jeff Detrow: What do you feel like? Should we go…

Jerry Cesak: Thirty-eight. Let’s get it really cool in there.

Female: Seventy-two, yeah.

Jeff Detrow: Seventy-two would be awful cold when I get home, but I can put quilts on and take a nap.

Jerry Cesak: There you go.

Female: Wow.

Jeff Detrow: All right, here we go. We’re going down to 72. All right.

Jerry Cesak: There is a man changing the temperature of his house right here in the studio.

Jeff Detrow: Oh yeah, because I am so flipping cool.

Jerry Cesak: You’re cool, really cool.

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