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How to Start Conserving Water, Today!

Feb 25, 2019

We’ve said it before: when it comes to your home, your plumbing system is like the veins or circulatory system in the human body. Without plumbing, your home life would be severely disrupted. Just like a doctor would tell you to eat healthy to take care of your blood flow and heart, as plumbers, we want you to go green to monitor and take care of your water flow. By being water conscious, you can not only do your part for the environment, but you’ll also be ensuring that you are not paying a higher than average water utility bill each and every month.

Go green with your plumbing by:

Being Aware

It’s often easy to ignore the amount of water an individual wastes around their home every day. By reducing your shower by 5 minutes, shutting the water off while you brush your teeth or when lathering your hands with soap, and only doing full loads of dishes/laundry, you can stop water waste in its tracks.

Spot and Fix Leaks

It’s true: those little drips and drabs can add up. Not only do they waste water, but they are also usually a sign that there is an issue that needs fixing. By ignoring a leak or water spot, you are risking the potential to get some severe water damage that can eventually lead to mold and mildew growth, which will be a huge health problem for you and your family.

So whenever you see a minor leak or drip, don’t hesitate to call your trusted Anderson’s plumber for a fix. Or if you notice water wasting spray coming from the faucet, it might be the case for Aerator Man!

Water Pressure Regulators

To ensure that your entire home is getting the maximum amount of water conservation practices in 2019, an Anderson expert can do a full home inspection. In the process, we will spot all the areas where water is being wasted — and if needed, we’ll suggest installing a water pressure regulator. If your plumbing system is the veins, the water pressure regulator is the heart. This works by monitoring the water pressure from your city, or utility main at appropriate levels as it comes into your home. Think of it like high blood pressure. If the water pressure is not regulated it puts unnecessarily high pressure through your system that can cause damage. This will not only stop water waste but will help extend the lifespan of your appliances and plumbing system, leaving you with fewer repairs.

Going Low-Flow

A low flow fixture installation is one of the most crucial ways to start saving water around your home. From showerheads to toilets, these fixtures are designed to ensure your water pressure, and water usage is at an economical low without any loss of efficiency. Over time, you’ll save money on your water bill and on your plumbing repair bill, too! To see more about all your water conservation efforts check out our: Anderson Video Library Water Conservation Page

If you are looking to go green with your plumbing, contact Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air today!

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