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Here’s the Reason You’re Always Cold in The Office

It could be a warm and sunny day in San Diego, but for many women, their time indoors is often cold and chilly. It’s no surprise that when men and women share any space, the battle for the thermostat is never-ending.

For many women, they find themselves bundling up at home or using space heaters at work all year long. For men, they can find themselves sweaty and uncomfortable. It seems like there can never be a happy medium, but why is that? Well, you can thank science. Here’s why women always feeling cold [1] isn’t just in their heads:

An Outdated Office Formula

When we think back to office days of the past, we think of businessmen in suits. Fast forward to today’s office — and almost half of those men have been replaced with women. Well, studies show that many buildings still go by a thermal comfort model set in the 1960s (Mad Men days). Being outdated, this temperature was based on a middle-aged, overweight man with a basic metabolic rate. Making the office a perfect fit for those fitting in that category, not so much for the majority of women now filling it.

Clothing Style

Another more obvious factor is clothing styles. Especially when it comes to the office. For women, skirts and blouses are what make up most of their business attire — but for men who spend their days in a suit and tie, the number of layers makes a difference. Not to mention, women produce less heat than men; and it’s no wonder the office heater is still going strong, regardless of the season.

It Goes Far Beyond The Office

The temperature debate does not stop in the office; it often hits at home, too. That’s because women are men are genetically different. For starters, women have less muscle than men, and muscle is an essential part of generating heat. Body size matters, too; the smaller the amount of volume you have, the more heat you lose. All of these factors lead to a constant thermostat battle that seems to be never-ending.

Finding a Solution at Home

Though many women might be used to walking around in a full-body blanket or winter coat in the summer months, that’s not always necessary; enter home zoning [2]. For larger or two-story homes in San Diego, home zoning is an economical way to ensure each area has the perfect temperature for your family. If the men in the family are watching tv downstairs, and the women are upstairs, you can easily adjust the temperature, so that everyone is comfortable and cool in their own space.

Are you considering home zoning? The experts at Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air are ready and willing to help you find the perfect cooling and heating options to meet everyone’s needs! Contact us today! [3]