Helping a World War II Veteran

Helping a World War II Veteran


This is a thank you letter that we received from the daughter of a Random Acts of Kindness recipient. We were touched by the story and wanted to share it with you. If you'd like to hear more about this program or know a worthy recipient that you would like to nominate, please visit our Random Acts of Kindness page.

A story told by recipients daughter.

Two plumbers came to my parents home this morning to fix the Hot/Cold lines to the kitchen sink.

My mom was very pleased with their kindness, courtesy and "booties." She said they were so careful in everything they did, and they put on and removed their booties each time they went outside.

I was so glad the problem turned out to be something they could do. There was some question about the pipes being cooper, which would have complicated the situation, but the pipes were the old galvanized type, which was OK for what they needed to do.

Thank you again for your kindness is providing this service, and for your willingness to help others, in this case an elderly couple. They took a picture of my mom and one of the plumbers. I just want you to know my mom is 84 years old, and although I don't think my dad is in the photo, he will be 89 this year. He was a B-24 Liberator pilot in WWII. They are kind good people, from the greatest generation. Thanks for giving to them. They have given much to our good country too.

their daughter - Dale

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