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Don’t You Wish Life was Easier?

Mar 02, 2012

Introducing: The InSinkErator InstaHot!

No, it’s not the latest in Sci-fi weaponry. But it is a must-have tool to add to your household – getting things done arsenal!Have you ever stopped to think about just how often you use hot water? Now think about how instant 200°F water, right at the kitchen sink, can help you relax, save time and get things done. An InSinkErator hot water dispenser makes a variety of hot drinks like coffee, tea and more, instantly. 1/3 of a tank delivers 40 cups of near-boiling water.

20 Ways Instant Hot Water Makes Living Easier

Instant, near-boiling water from your sink makes life easier!

Loosen Jar Lids: Run InSinkErator hot water over the tilted jar lid for 20 seconds, and then twist off the ring!

Remove Labels From Bottles: InSinkErator hot water takes them off in no time!

Remove Wax Residue: Pour a little InSinkErator hot water in a candle holder, let it sit, and the residue comes away without a trace!

Polishing Silver: Run it under InSinkErator hot water to give it extra shine!

Polishing Jewelry: Soak it in InSinkErator hot water and ammonia to keep it looking like new!

Faster Cooking: Use InSinkErator hot water to get a head start when cooking rice or pasta!

Warming Baby Food: Use InSinkErator hot water in a pan or bowl to heat baby food jars or warm formula bottles!

Quick First Aid: Use InSinkErator hot water to make a hot compress for temporary pain relief!

Keeping Food Hot: Warm plates, coffee mugs, and teacups with InSinkErator hot water to help keep food and beverages hot and delicious!

Remove Baked-On Food: Dissolve a small amount of dishwasher detergent in InSinkErator hot water to soak pots and pans!

Freshen The Air: Add InSinkErator hot water to potpourri to fill your home with aromatic scents!

Melt Chocolate: Run InSinkErator hot water over the outside of a small bowl to pre-warm. Break the chocolate into small pieces. Put enough InSinkErator hot water in a larger pan or bowl to cover about one-half of the chocolate bowl. Stir frequently. The temperature is perfect for proper melting!

Remove Shortening: Use InSinkErator hot water to quickly clean measuring cups so you can use them right away for other ingredients!

Clean Cake Decorator Tips: When it’s time to change colors, you can quickly remove frosting from decorator tips and bags. Using tongs, just hold under InSinkErator hot water until all the frosting dissolves!

Creaming Butter: To soften butter more quickly, rinse your mixer’s beaters under InSinkErator hot water, then dry thoroughly before proceeding.

Removing Skins: Wash ripe tomatoes or peaches first, place them in InSinkErator hot water, and then dip in cold water. The skins will easily slip off!

Slicing Cheese: Run your knife under InSinkErator hot water for easier cutting of process cheese loaves!

Cleaning Cheese Graters: Just hold under InSinkErator hot water!

Scooping Ice Cream: Warm your scoop between servings in a bowl of InSinkErator hot water!

Warming Pancake Syrup: Fill a two-cup glass measuring cup with InSinkErator hot water and place a bottle of pancake syrup in the cup. It’s an easy way to get the last drop of syrup out of the bottle!

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