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August is National Water Quality Month

Aug 01, 2023

The Environmental Protection Agency chose August to be National Water Quality Month, a time to reflect on the quality of water in the world. Mankind often doesn’t consider that some actions today can have consequences to the water that we use later. National Water Quality Month is the perfect time to find ways that you can protect the water that is coming into your home. Some of the best options include home water treatment systems.

Water Quality in Southern California

The water quality in San Diego and other areas of Southern California leave much to be desired. The area is notorious for hard water, but the level of cleanliness in the water is lower than one might expect too. No one wants their family to have to deal with unclean drinking water, or unclean water for bathing and doing the dishes. Thus, home water filtration systems are an ideal choice.

Types of Filtration Systems for the Home

You have a couple of different options available when it comes to home water filtration systems that you can use. The whole house system is one that quite a few homeowners are starting to choose. With this type of system, the filter removes particulates from the water as it enters your home’s system. This is a nice and easy option and one that you will be able to have the professionals install and then you can forget about it. The point of use system, the other option, will have filters at the different sinks and water outlets in your home. This is also an easy to use option, and if you only need to have filtration on certain sinks in your home, then it could be a more cost-effective way of getting cleaner water. Either of these systems is a good choice for any home that is in need of cleaner water.

Taking Action to Help Keep the Water Clean

While it’s a great idea to have home water treatment systems so that you can be sure all of the water that comes into your home is clean, that’s not the only thing you should do when it comes to clean water! You have other ways of keeping your water cleaner in your environment. For example, be careful of the things that you pour down the sink that could get into the system. Don’t drain oil or other motor vehicle fluids onto the ground or the pavement, as they can find ways into the groundwater. Water conservation is also important, and it is something that you should consider during National Water Quality Month. Water the lawn in the evenings, and waterless. Be aware of how much water you are using. You may also be able to find other ways in your community to spread the word about water quality awareness. If more people knew about all of the contaminants that can make their way into the water, then it would probably be much easier to take action to improve overall water quality.

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