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Anderson Not Only Did a Job Well Done, But Also Wowed Me and My Expectations

May 27, 2021

At Anderson Plumbing, Heating & Air, we try to go above and beyond for our customers. Scott O. from Carlsbad shared just how thrilled he was with his experience with Anderson:

“I felt compelled to send you an email regarding the positive customer experience I had with your employee, Mr. Jorge Duran, Monday, April 10.

I recently retired with over 30 years of experience with AT&T working managing service and repair employees. Our standards have to meet certain high criteria since we are a regulated company with the PUC. Every callout is extremely important to us. I personally have ridden with techs many times evaluating their service calls.

When I met Mr. Duran at my door, he was right on time, met me with a smile, and listened to my concerns. He told me how much he valued my business and told me what he intended to do within the initial scope of my request to clear a bathroom clogged drain. I then felt more confident and less anxious after Mr.Duran explained to me what he intended to do. We were both on the same page.

After a short walk upstairs to the master bathroom, Mr.Duran quickly accessed what tools he required and promptly left returning within minutes. It seemed like the repair only took about 15 minutes to both isolate and clear the drain. While Mr. Duran was correcting my problem, I appreciated the fact that he was able to answer a few of my questions and offered me a few tips for preventative maintenance.

As Mr. Duran was cleaning up, I could tell he took great pride in his work. I asked him why Anderson’s Plumbing and not someplace else. This is the part that won me over. He said that This company, meaning his boss and the CEO Mary Jean Anderson, really care about their employees by showing appreciation in personal ways. He said they take the time by acknowledging their employees’ hard-working efforts. Mr. Duran said, “I’ve worked for a lot of employers, nobody cares more about their employees and tried to wow their customers like Andersons.” He continued, “I hope to be here for a long time.”

As you can probably tell by now, I thought, if I was a competitor I’d want to steal Jorge away. Not only did he do an excellent job, but he bragged about how much he loves working for his company.

Please extend my highest commendation to Mr. Jorge Duran for not only a job well done but for wowing me and my expectations. Mr. Duran is a commumate professional to his organization.

I have since shared my experience with my neighbors within our HOA. They were all very eager to accept Anderson Plumbing’s contact information, especially the president.”

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