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Keeping Your Family Comfortable During the Holidays

Getting Your Home’s Air Quality Guest-Ready

The holiday season, for many, means a home filled with family. Whether it’s just for dinner or for the holiday weekend, you’ll want your family members to feel as comfortable and relaxed as possible. So, as you start writing your to-do list, don’t forget these helpful comfort tips:

Deep Clean

We know that cleaning your home from top to bottom is most likely on your long list of to-do’s, but don’t forget to take care of the things that alter your air quality. From changing your HVAC air filters to cleaning your blinds and ceiling fans, getting rid of extra dust can make a difference in your home’s air. Besides, changing your filter will also ensure your system is working as it should and cleaning out any debris or dust.

Consider The Extra Heat

Your home is about to be filled with some extra body heat. Add in the hours of cooking, followed by excess oven heat, and your home get can get stuffy and uncomfortable rather quickly. Before the first family member arrives, lower the temperature about 5 to 10 degrees, in addition to utilizing ceiling fans, and your kitchen exhaust, to get air circulating and the hot oven air out.

Get Some Fresh Air In

The truth is, your indoor air quality is often worse than your outdoor. The best way to combat that is by getting some outdoor air inside your home. Open your windows to let fresh air in! This can help reduce germs and keep your guests comfortable.

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