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Heating Repair: When is it Time to Replace Your Furnace?

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If you have a San Diego furnace that continually has problems, requiring several repair appointments, parts, etc. it gets expensive! Or maybe you just have a dated heating system that you fear might fail you tight in the middle of an extreme cold front. Eventually, the time comes when you find yourself asking, “When is it time to just replace the furnace?”

San Diego Furnace Repair – When Costs Get the Best of You

The thing that spurs many homeowners to investigate the possibility of getting a new furnace is the excess repairs and associated costs. When you have your furnace repaired, talk with your San Diego heating contractor to learn more about the issue – is it something that was a one-time fluke? Or is it likely indicative of a larger issue?

Once you have the initial repair made, many contractors will offer a warranty on their work. If a new problem presents itself, it may be time to consider replacing your furnace – particularly if it is eight or more years old.

How Efficient is Your Current Furnace?

Perhaps even more important than saving on repair costs is saving on overall costs – including those from your regular utility bills.

Most HVAC systems decrease in efficiency each year by 1.5 to two percent – this means that if you purchased a new furnace that started off at 100 percent efficiency, by the time it is 10 years old, it is operating at somewhere between 80 and 85 percent efficiency. However, most furnaces – even the best, brand new furnaces – do not begin at 100 percent; they start at somewhere around 80 percent efficiency (check the SEER rating); this means that in reality, your 10 year-old furnace is running at somewhere between 60 and 65 percent.

Many furnaces that are now a decade old (approximately) were mid-efficiency furnaces to begin with – whereas the new furnaces of today are high-efficiency. Not only do new furnaces make better use of energy, offering an eco-friendly bonus, but they save about $20-40 each month in heating costs.

Although our weather in San Diego is more temperate, we definitely have our cool spells and even some summer nights can cause you to crank on the heat. If you used your furnace five months of the year, you could save around $200 each year on energy costs alone.

If your current furnace is 10 years old or older, it’s very likely time to consider replacing it for a more efficient model that will cut down on environmental pollutants and heating costs.

For more information about your current furnace or to learn more about high-efficiency models, contact us online or call (866) 374-0402.