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Air Conditioning: How to Avoid Indoor Allergies

Air inside vs outsideOne of our San Diego air conditioning experts saw an NBC news report that allergy season has come early this year and it’s hitting hard! Doctors have been overwhelmed with allergy-related visits and they report that there have been more sinus infections than usual. This is a serious matter because allergies turned sinus infection can actually become deadly if left untreated.

San Diego Indoor Air Quality

San Diego homeowners are often shocked to find that indoor air pollution is actually 2-5 times worse than outdoor (according to the Environmental Protection Agency). This is because homes have evolved to keep dangerous elements out, but in turn our homes are keeping pollution in. This can cause persistent illness, especially for people sensitive to allergens.

San Diego AC Maintenance: Changing Filters

It’s important to change your air conditioning filters regularly, whether your home is older or new construction. While older homes may let more dust and dirt in through cracks and weathered lining, new homes tend to have dirty filters due to pollutants left behind from construction (like sawdust and drywall). The schedule for changing your filters depends on a number of factors like the quality of the filter, your lifestyle (coming and going, what do you track in) and pets. If you need help determining the best filters and schedule for your home, give us a call or connect with us online and we’re happy to help.

For homeowners that prefer a more carefree approach, we have VIP service agreements so you’ll receive reminders and discounts on bi-annual maintenance for your San Diego HVAC System. We can also help educate homeowners on the installation of whole-house air purifiers and germicidal UVC systems.

San Diego Whole-Home Air Purification

“Germicidal UVC System” sounds a bit intimidating. But it's really just an air purifier for your whole house. Well, it’s a big, bad mama-jamma of air purification, actually. It uses UV light to breakdown micro-organisms and requires less maintenance than electronic air purifiers. Germicidal UVC Systems control allergens, prevent mold, germs and bacteria, eliminate odors and defend your home against textile toxins.

If you suspect your home could be making or keeping you sick contact us to see if one of these solutions may help!