Anderson Technician Checking an HVAC Unit

Avoiding House Fires with Heater Repairs

Alert: Don’t Put Off San Diego Furnace Repair – Check Out These Stats from FEMA

Fires per yearSan Diego heating contractors are all too familiar with the consequences of improper installation and maintenance of residential heating. FEMA reports that between 2008 and 2010, there were more than 50,000 heating fires in US residential buildings. In fact, heating was the second leading cause of fires, right behind cooking.

Not surprisingly, 63.8% of heating fires occur between November & February, but perhaps more interesting is that 30% occur between 5-9pm.

Calling in a San Diego Heating Contractor is a Good Idea

Here are the top factors contributing to residential heating fires:

  • Misuse of material or product – 37.9%
  • Mechanical failure or malfunctions – 22.1%
  • Operational deficiency – 18.5%
  • Electrical failure, malfunction 18.1%
  • Design, manufacture, installation deficiency – 9.8%

Many, almost all of the fires caused by these factors could have been prevented with regular maintenance. Annual heating tune-ups keep your San Diego heater clean, safe and functional. These regular check-ups identify and minor furnace repair needed before it becomes more costly or even deadly!

San Diego Heating - Safety Tips

  • Have your San Diego HVAC system installed by a trained professional
  • Have your furnace tuned-up annually, before the weather starts getting chilly
  • Make sure you have a working smoke alarm and carbon monoxide detector – test the batteries once a month
  • Keep the area around your heating system clear of junk and debris

If you’re not great a keeping track of household maintenance, (beyond the day-to-day chaos of cleaning, kids, pets and the like), look into our VIP Maintenance Services. As a member of the VIP program, you’ll get reminders when service is due, 15% off all service or repair and priority service…which is especially handy during severe weather and through the holidays.

Be proactive and stay safe!