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Plumbing and A/C Tips: Before You Go On Vacation

Are you planning to take a vacation this summer? In addition to booking flights and hotels, crafting an itinerary and writing out a list of everything you need to pack, make sure you're also thinking about how to prepare your home for your absence. Although we do offer San Diego emergency plumber service, we'd rather you follow these pre-vacation tips for your plumbing and A/C.

1. Look for Plumbing Leaks

Take the opportunity to go around the house and look for any leaks or unexplained trickles or puddles of water. Check the fridge, washing machine, A/C units and other appliances, along with toilets, faucets and sinks. Catching and dealing with a leak before you go could spare you from the hassle of coming home to find a major problem on your hands. Not to mention, fixing the source of wasted water in your home will also save you money on water bills.

2. Shut Off the Water

You may want to shut off the water before you leave. That way, if there's an unnoticed problem in your plumbing system, you'll decrease the chances of a flood in your home when you're not there. All it takes is one faulty pipe to flood a kitchen, basement, or bathroom; and if it happens when you're absent, all that water will just stand there, possibly for days, stagnating and increasing the chances of mold growth. If you're not sure how to temporarily shut off the water, or if you think your valves are faulty, consult with a San Diego Plumber.

3. Consider Turning Off the Air Conditioner

Many people turn off the A/C when they leave for vacation, and that certainly saves on energy bills. But some homeowners are concerned that if there's a heat wave and their A/C is off, their computers or other sensitive electronic equipment will suffer damage. One possibility is to leave the A/C on at a higher temperature that will still keep your computer safe while also saving you money. Other possibilities include storing computers and similar equipment in cooler places or trying to make the house cooler by pulling down all the shades. One of the most efficient ways is to upgrade to an iComfort Wi-Fi™ thermostat, then you can control your home's temperature from anywhere using your using your smartphone, tablet or laptop!

4. Don't Overlook the Heater

Adjust your thermostat to a "vacation" setting (if the heater is gas) or shut off the power to it (if it's electric). The main reason for doing this is to save some money on gas or electric bills. Contact us if you have any questions about preparing your San Diego plumbing, heating or A/C prior to a vacation. You may not want to make any adjustments to your plumbing or to the heater on your own, especially if the equipment isn't in good shape or if you're not sure what to do. We can review your plumbing for you, address any problems and give you advice about what might be best for your individual situation before you leave home.