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4 Ways to Save Money with Your Air Conditioning

TipsYou could be spending way more on your San Diego air conditioning costs than you need to. If this seems silly to you, then you may want to consider making an investment in Energy Star rated appliances or an upgraded HVAC system.

1. Upgrade Your San Diego Air Conditioning System

We recommend Lennox! Aside from being a trusted name in terms of quality, Lennox offers some of the highest efficiency. Their best home air conditioners have use a unique two-stage technology, the most advanced ever assembled into one system. Lennox has a perfect system for nearly every home. Even better, in addition to the utility savings, we have seasonal specials that can save you anywhere from $300 to $3500 on your upgrade!

2. Invest in a programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats have not been given an Energy Star label since December 2009. The EPA didn't feel that the specifications set forth were really a good "fit" for this type of climate control equipment, but they certainly recognize the potential for programmable thermostats to save significant amounts of energy. For now, the EPA has launched a specification development process for "ENERGY STAR Residential Climate Control specification". Today's programmable thermostat is a more usable, capable and connected device. Check out the Lennox icomfort Wi-Fi™ thermostat, for example.

The Key to Using Programmable Thermostats

The real key to energy savings and environmental impact using programmable thermostats is education. San Diego homeowners need to know HOW to use their thermostats for their particular climate. Programmable thermostats are especially ideal for homeowners who spend regular time away from the house. You can program the settings to keep your house within an acceptable temperature range without having to tax your system by running it nonstop. In fact, they can save you more than $150 per year. The idea is to program your air conditioner to remain at energy-saving temperatures while you're not home, and then have it change just before you come back so it's comfortable. You can even program different settings for different zones of your house. Keep the temperature higher for the cooler sections of your home and lower for those sections that seem to hold heat. On the low end you can get one for $10, however, expect to spend closer to $40 on a pretty standard thermostat. If you're interested in a system that you can control from your smartphone or tablet, you'd be looking at a few hundred. But it really is the ultimate in home comfort!

3. Get regular San Diego HVAC maintenance

We can't stress this enough! Deferred maintenance could be causing the biggest negative impact on your wallet.

Routine HVAC Maintenance

Making sure that routine maintenance and cleaning is conducted on your San Diego HVAC system will make sure that your system continues to work effectively. Check your filter monthly during the long hot months and dispose of any dirty filters.


Get annual furnace and AC tune-ups. Not only will this will improve the air quality of your home and the efficiency of your system (saving you money), it will also prolong the life of your air conditioner. This is especially important in San Diego, where air conditioners often lie dormant for long periods of time. Your HVAC system is a lot like a car and shouldn't remain unused for half a year and then get cranked-up without proper maintenance. Waiting until the last minute to repair your system can cost you a lot of money. So be proactive!

4. Seal heating and cooling ducts

If you need a duct improvement project, it is especially important to hire an experienced HVAC contractor. A good one will inspect your whole duct system including any attic space, your basement or any crawlspaces. They will also evaluate how well your system supplies air balance and let you know if they are too small. They are also able to seal leaks and gaps using metal tape, sealants, or mastic. Air leaks are the nemesis to an efficient climate control system. It may be difficult to find them in attics, crawlspaces or basements but making sure they are sealed can make a big impact on your energy bills. Follow these simple tips to making the world a greener place while keeping your wallet fat. Contact us for more information.