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Plumbing: Why Would You Repipe Your Home?

busted pipe

In some San Diego homes – predominantly those with original plumbing from 1970 or earlier – homeowners will find themselves in a nightmare of continuous plumbing issues. The first pipe bursts and you chalk it up to bad luck – call in a plumber to patch the pipe and re-drywall and life goes on. Then you find another leak. And then another.

This nightmare unfortunately occurs all too often – and for a variety of reasons – but in older homes, galvanized piping is the most common culprit.

San Diego Plumbing: The Scoop on Galvanized Pipes

Galvanized piping is common in San Diego plumbing, due to the large amount of older homes. It is an older building material that, at the time seemed like a great option – but over time, we learned that it deteriorates from the inside out… meaning that there is often no sign of a plumbing problem until a leak appears.

What’s more, galvanized pipes can affect the quality of your drinking water. The material used to make galvanized pipes is already prone to deterioration, and the minerals found in water do not help the situation. As water flows through the pipes over time, the pipe will collect bits of sediment, building up with rust and other debris. This build-up eventually causes low water pressure in showers and sinks, water that carries an odor, and drinking water that may tastes odd.

In this scenario, the only way to truly remedy the issue is to repipe your home.

Remedying Your Plumbing Issues

When a licensed and trusted San Diego plumber comes in to fix the leak, they should remove the broken portion of the pipe and do a thorough assessment of the removed piece and the surrounding area to gauge the true state of the pipe. This assessment will help them determine whether you have galvanized pipes (which is often an immediate sign that a repipe will likely be necessary at some point) and whether there may be another problem that could contribute to future plumbing problems.

For example, pH balance issues in your water could cause recurring leaks or pipe troubles, regardless of the type of plumbing material used in your home. Water pressure issues could also contribute to the problem. A thorough assessment will help to determine the root cause and whether there are problems beyond the initial pipe break that need attention.

Whether you need a repipe or not, make sure that you work with a trustworthy San Diego plumber who will not deliver just a one-time fix, but take the steps required to prevent future emergency plumbing calls.