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Help With Allergies

Allergy Sufferers Unite, There is Hope

The first bit of news I have to share with you allergy sufferers is not great but I promise if you keep reading I’ll try to give you some ideas on minimizing your misery.

Now for the bad news…the air in your home is up to 5 times more polluted than the air outside. That’s not me saying it…that comes directly from the EPA. (Environmental Protection Agency) In fact in some cases, although rare, they have found the air to be 100 times more polluted than the air outside.

It’s a paradigm shift I know.

Most of us when we think of air pollution think of factories billowing dark clouds of smoke into the atmosphere or millions of cars clogging the freeway all spewing the share of carbon monoxide into the air.

Not many of us are concerned about the air inside their home. In fact, if you are an allergy sufferer you attribute that dripping nose, the watery eyes, that stuffy head feeling to pollens or grasses outside the home.

Consider the following; As we have become better at construction and weather stripping our homes, we have inadvertently become experts at trapping allergy-causing agents in our homes.

Allergy sufferers may think they are taking refuge inside their home when in reality they are being assaulted by pet dander, dust mites, mold, mildew, pollen brought from outside on clothes and shoes…not to mention a bevy of other things. Oil, gasoline, lacquers for wood floors household cleaning products, if there is a smoker in the home then there is the threat of second-hand smoke. These agents are sometimes referred to as volatile organic compounds.

What Steps Should I take?

  • #1 you should see a doctor.
  • Here are some questions you might want to consider asking your doctor.
  • Should I see an allergist?
  • If you prescribe medicine, can you give me one that won’t make me drowsy
  • What are the possible triggers for my allergies
  • Are there steps I can take to prevent allergy symptoms
  • Should I take medicine on an as needed basis or is a daily prescription better

What Steps Should I Take Inside the Home?

As in nearly every other industry technology is making a huge impact on the heating and air conditioning industry…specifically air filtration.

There are numerous levels of air filtration available to the homeowner. Everything from media filters with MERV ratings of 1-20 ( MERV is minimum efficiency recording value)and above to UV lights that kill harmful bacteria and mold spores. Depending on your situation we can suggest a solution that is right for you. Feel free to give our office a call. You might even mention this blog. That way we can send you the right specialist for your needs.