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Flush Your Water Heater Annually


It is that time a year again to start checking everything in the home to make sure it is working properly. It is really important to give thought to checking your water heater. Flush your water heater annually to extend its life. Mineral build up is the main problem and this is why the water heater needs to be drained. Here are tips how to do this properly without accidental cause of injury.

Extend the Life of your Water Heater

Turn off the circuit breaker if your water heater runs on electric. If the water heater is gas turn off the pilot off. Your water heater will absolutely die if you do not do these steps. Wait for one-hour minimum depending on how high your water temperature settings are. The hotter the water, the longer it needs to cool down.

Take your garden hose and attach it at the bottom of your water heater's drain valve. The other end of the hose will be located where you decide to drain the water. Now, at the top of the water heater is a pipe that is connected to it. This is the cold water. Look for the shut off value and turn it off.

Now, drain the water heater by opening the drain valve at the bottom. There might be a handle or you might have to use a screwdriver to open the valve. If the heater has not been drained in a really long time, it could take several hours.

When the water is clear or stops draining from the water heater, then turn on the cold water. This will pressure flush all the sediment like the minerals out of the tank. Do this for several minutes. It can take a really long time if this has never been done.

Go to the bottom of your water heater and close the drain valve. Now, disconnect the hose. Make sure nothing is leaking. This will stop minerals to make it leak by jamming the valve. Let the heater refill back up. While doing this, turn on the hot water at the sink to release the air out of the line. When the water tank is filled completely, then turn on the gas or the electric. Let the water heat completely before using.

Now, you know how to flush your water heater. Do this once a year to extend its life.

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