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Earth Quake Preparedness For Your Home Plumbing


Home Plumbing Prep For EarthquakesWith all the recent earthquakes in the world, a person should start checking and doing preventive maintenance on their home. When it comes to plumbing and your water heater, this is extremely important in case of an emergency. Here are tips for earthquake preparedness for your home plumbing and water heater.

Secure Your Water Heater

When an earthquake happens, things move around, fall down, and break. Your water heater cannot move at all. There is scalding hot water n the tank and could be connected to a gas line. So, strap the water heater to the wall studs. Securing the water heater in two places, take metal tape and heavy bolts and hold it down about one-third and the upper part of the hot water heater. About four inches or more the strap should be placed above the thermostat controls.

Do you have copper or semi-rigid gas connectors in the home? Upgrade them to approved connectors that are called flexible metal appliance. These two items are extremely important. This is very true for a gas hot water heater.

What about plumbing when it comes to earthquakes? Your pipes can crack and break when the Earth starts moving. The house can flood inside and outside the home. If the shaking is very small when it starts turn the water off immediately to the entire house. But be safe first always. For earthquake preparedness for your home plumbing know where the shutoff valve is. Look for the first line into the house and label it. A sewer backflow valve this helps with flooding or a disaster like an earth quake to stop sewer back ups. This can be nasty, cause diseases, and of course is unsanitary.

Just using these simple tips will save hundreds and even thousands of dollars from water damage, replacing the water heater, and a dangerous gas emergency. Always have an earthquake preparedness and an emergency plan ready for action.

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