AC Filter process

AC Filter Maintenance

AC Filter MaintenanceWhy should you clean your AC filters In Your AC and Heating Unit? For your health and your family’s health. Depending on where you live, the pollution could be absolutely terrible. Or maybe there is not very much at all where you live. This pollution gets inside of your house and can make a person terribly sick. This is the reason why changing out the filterand cleaning the AC filter is important.

Keeping Your Home Clean

Here is a scary example, thirty-two thousand pints of air is breathed by a person every single day. In these pints are around one billion particles of dust. The air is more polluted indoors than outdoors, as it remains trapped.

The air is moving around outside. When the air is trapped in the house, there can be low levels of radiation, toxic stuff from the factories in the city, dirt, mold, pollen, cigarette smoke, pets, and even bacteria that can grow.

This is why people suffer huge allergies and have asthma inside the house. They literally can’t breathe. Depending on the size filter that is needed for the AC and heating unit, the AC filters can cost as little as two dollars up to around ten dollars.

An AC filter needs to be check every week if it’s a small place like a house or apartment. The smaller it is it could simply just get clogged up more. On average, check the filter every month like clockwork.

If suddenly you can’t breath, check the filter. You will feel better instantly by changing it out. Do not forget to clean the dirt and dust also around the whole area around the filter, like the metal grate. Always protect your family by cleaning your AC filters in your AC and heating unit.