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Lowering Your Energy Costs

Lower Energy CostsHere are steps we must all take to lower our energy costs, and in an attempt to help we are making these suggestions:

  • Get rid of leaks. Have your roof and chimney inspected for loose, damaged or missing shingles (masonry for the chimney). Check the seals around doors and windows. Repair as necessary. If you can afford it, replace regular windows, sliding doors with dual pane. Energy savings during both winter and summer will pay for the cost in the long run as well as adding to the value of your property.
  • Consider a programmable thermostat for your heat. Maintain 65 degrees as your high temperature (and wear a sweater), turn down your setting to 60-65 degrees while gone or asleep. Estimated savings - 25% off the typical heating bill.
  • Get your furnace checked, cleaned and replace the filters to increase efficiency. Estimated savings - 3-5% off your heating bill.
  • Put a heater jacket and pipe insulation on your water heater. Turn down the temperature to 120 - 125 degrees. Lower the temperature further when away from home or on vacation.
  • Check attic insulation. Remember heat rises.
  • Convert to energy efficient light bulbs. Keep lights off if you're not in a room.

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