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“Green” Plumbing–What Is It?

Jul 03, 2010

Sink with drip“Green,” whether in reference to building in general or plumbing in particular, is a big subject. What you need to know is this: when you get right down to its simplest and most stripped-down definition, the “green” plumbing part of the “green” building universe means offering our customers products and services that help save water, use less energy and/or emit less exhaust emissions into the atmosphere than standard products. Of course there’s a lot more to the “green” plumbing thing than just that, but simply keeping those three fundamental principles in mind and adhering to them whenever and wherever possible can put you a long way down the road to making the transition to being a “green” consumer.

We offer the following in home inspection/training

Green Whole House Water Inspection

  • Educate customer on how to read there water meter…(look for own leaks)
  • Inspect toilets for water leaks using dye tablets
  • Replace shower heads and faucet aerators with low flow s and aerators
  • Inspect angle stops and washer hoses for potential leaks
  • Inspect water heater for potential leaks and earth quake strapping
  • Check water pressure regulator on both house and landscape.
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